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Mercedes-Benz are leading the pack in luxury, safety and performance. When you’re looking for a prime move, rigid truck or other special purpose vehicles, look no further than a Mercedes-Benz from Daimler Trucks Toowoomba.

Mercedes-Benz Truck Range

Westco Truck Sales - Actros


A 15.9 litre V8 turbocharged engine producing 600 hp and 2,065 lb.ft of torque makes the Actros 2660 6×4 a true heavyweight which can take on any challenge up to 90,000 kg road train work. But this truck’s also got class. Along with its razor-sharp European style and legendary Mercedes-Benz reliability, we’ve added sumptuous black leather, new LED running lights, chrome air intake vents and a chrome light bar. It’ll take on the toughest opponents while enjoying the best in comfort and safety.

Westco Truck Sales - Axor


A high payload, low fuel consumption, exemplary reliability, safety and driver-oriented comfort – which means that the Axor delivers a convincing performance in medium and long-distance operations. Both on the road and below the line.

Westco Truck Sales - Atego


Economy, reliability, and quality make the Atego the ideal partner for your work. Whether in inner-city areas or on the construction site, when space is tight, the Atego scores full marks with its good handling and versatility.

Westco Truck Sales - Econic


An innovative special-purpose truck that combines versatility, ergonomics and convenience like virtually no other commercial vehicle – the Econic is in a class of its own. Its unique low-entry concept coupled with top quality from Mercedes-Benz means this is a vehicle that provides just what you need: comfort, efficiency, environmental compatibility and uncompromising commitment. Day in, day out.

Westco Truck Sales - Unimog


Mowing, winter service, maintenance and upkeep, cleaning, transport and loading jobs. Nowhere are the requirements for maintaining roads and grounds so diverse as in cities and municipal areas. Handling these tasks requires a large vehicle fleet with a full range of equipment – or a vehicle that specialises in a huge variety of jobs from the start: just like the Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

Westco Truck Sales - Zetros


The Zetros combines off-road capabilities, a high payload capacity and robust technology to produce a cutting-edge truck concept. In winter service in particular, its CBE technology and long wheelbase ensures smooth and safe driving. With its low seating position behind the front axle, the Zetros offers a clear overview of the entire working area. This makes it possible to use wide snow ploughs offering clearance widths of up to 6 metres.