In 1964 the Maschio brothers manufactured the first Maschio rotary tiller in their small workshop, appropriately nick-named ‘The home of small tillers.’ Today Maschio Gaspardo is an international group, specialising in the production of agricultural machinery for tillage, sowing, seeding, landscaping, forage-making and crop care. The Group markets and distributes its wide product range under two major brand names – Maschio and Gaspardo. The line-up includes rotary tillers, power harrows, precision planters, cereal seed drills, combination cultivator-drills, flail-mowers and minimum tillage equipment. The company has 6 large production plants, 3 in Italy and another 3 in Romania, India and China. In addition, Maschio Gaspardo has 8 sales branches located in Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, North America and South Korea.

Maschio Range Examples



The DL power harrow has been designed for small farms and for tilling soil in specialised cultivations such as market gardening and viticulture. The special attention given to its overall dimensions and lightness makes it an ideal implement for low HP tractors. The special design of the blades allows the soil to be broken up with considerable economy in tractor power use.  Available in 1.5, 1.8 and 2 meter version, with 370mm cage or 450mm tooth packer roller, suited for tractors up to 100HP.



PRESTO is a light disc harrow for shallow seedbed preparation (up to 10 cm). Discs are arranged on 2 rows with opposing disc direction; wide spacing (620 mm) between rows prevents any soil and crop residue clogging. Every disc has its own independent hub with super-sealed long-life bearings lubricated in oil bath; maintenance time is kept to a minimum. Elements are linked to the frame by a silent block system with 4 rubber dampeners which absorb all vertical stresses and require no recurring greasing as alternative systems do.


G Model Rotary Hoe

Rotary tiller for high power tractors up to 250 HP, with sturdy and heavy structure, ideal for tilling difficult and unbroken ground. This model is available with skids or roller, side gear drive and 3 speed hand lever 1000 PTO rpm gearbox with standard rear PTO. The considerable size of the drive gears and the frame structure with side reinforcements denote a professional and prolonged use of the machine.