The development and manufacture of high quality agricultural implements have been the Kverneland brand’s core competencies for more than 100 years. The Kverneland Group philosophy is to contribute to more efficient operations for the farmers with respect to both costs and yield. This is achieved through a leading edge in technology development, which is the basis for Kverneland’s competitive advantage.

The brand Kverneland is recognised all over the world for its new concepts and solutions to the challenges facing farming. User friendly ploughs and soil preparation combinations are designed to meet and fulfil the needs and requirements of farmers all over the world. The Kverneland brand means a perfect result every time.

Kverneland Range

Westco Truck Sales - Kverneland Ploughs


Kverneland offers a plough range from small to big, from simple to advanced, from 2 to 14 furrows. All Kverneland plough have the ability to make soil preparation more profitable. Kverneland ploughs increase output, save time, fuel, and money.

Westco Truck Sales - Kverneland Cultivators


Kverneland cultivators are designed with versatility in mind. Our cultivators allow the use of accessories to allow reconfiguration to suit a wide range of applications.

Westco Truck Sales - Kverneland Power Harrows

Power Harrows

The Kverneland Power Harrows are designed for heavy conditions. Special emphasis has been given to reliability and a strong trough design. This has been achieved by having a large distance between the conical bearings, hardened gears in the trough and a heavy-duty rigid trough design.

Westco Truck Sales - Kverneland Seed Drills

Mini Air Nova Drill

The Miniair Nova is available with rigid frame or as a parallel hydraulic folding model, with working width of 2 to 6.5m.The machine can be adjusted to a height of up to 34cm for field, bed or ridged cropping systems via the holes on an adjustment bar on the suspension.